Shahzain Charania

Shahzain Charania

Marketing Co-ordinator

Starting at Morton in February 2017, Shahzain brings a dynamic, energetic, and fresh approach to the marketing space. Having almost completed his double-majored degree in Commerce (Marketing and International Business) at Macquarie University; Shahzain has developed an in-depth understanding of Customer Experience (CX) and its application within marketing, as well as an astute marketing knowledge basis. 

Having worked previously (for a number of years) in a customer-facing role at Apple, as well as at Datacom; Shahzain has a firm grasp of the pillars of exceptional customer service, as well as a thorough understanding of social-media marketing. With a phenomenal work ethic, a positive outlook, and meticulous attention to detail, Shahzain feels a strong sense of synergy towards Morton’s vibrant team culture, and looks forward to continuing to thrive within his role as Marketing Coordinator.

When not at work, Shahzain loves to spend his free time playing a number of different sports such as basketball, rugby union, and oz-tag. As a massive NBA fan, specifically of the New York Knicks, one of Shahzain’s most memorable experiences would have to be watching his Knicks play at Madison Square Garden last year! 

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