Ewan's Blog

The true value of a home

Wednesday 15 Jan 2020

Happy New Year, although I am very conscious that for many people around our country the festive season has been anything but. Every day Morton team members assess the value of property on behalf of our clients but the heartbreaking loss of lives and property over recent months does much to focus our thoughts on the true value of a home. 

It is times like these that we see the stark difference between the important financial and physical value of a house and the intense emotional value of a home. With research, experience, expertise and integrity our team can provide an accurate guide on the former. In contrast, no monetary figure can ever accurately reflect the value of a home.

And that represents one of the toughest aspects of working as a residential property sales agent. 

In providing an estimated value of a property our agents must ensure owners understand their attachment to a property, their knowledge of time and effort spent renovating and caring for a property, happy memories of events shared within its walls are all irreplaceable but they are also personal and incalculable.

Our team does recognise it can be hard to make that differentiation but our role is to provide an accurate guide to the price that could be achieved for a property which means there is no opportunity to factor ‘heart and soul’ into that price.

However, our agents will always tell potential buyers the stories of heart and soul the property has facilitated and nourished. The aim is to help buyers see the potential of a property beyond just the building so that they too can form an emotional connection to it and see it as their new home. In that way an emotional connection can equate to financial value.

I want to finish this blog by referencing the Morton Fire that has caused so much destruction in villages around the beautiful Southern Highlands. If you are wondering about the name of that fire I’d like to clarify. Yes, there is a connection to my family. The Shoalhaven National Park through which the fire spread was named after my great grandfather who was a local MP and who lobbied for the bushland to be set aside as a National Park. I am very proud of that legacy and devastated at the impact of the Morton fire on that landscape and surrounding homes.

So Happy New Year. I know our team will be working hard to help our clients find and secure the perfect property ready to make it their perfect home.