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Wednesday 04 Sep 2019

At the oddest times, I’ll find myself thinking about the day-to-day life and motivations of different professionals; a tennis player, an actor, a research scientist or, as was, unfortunately, my case last week, a dentist.  Is it as I imagine all applause and glamour, staring at teeth and test tubes?  At the recent Morton Careers evening I answered questions from the floor about the role of a real estate professional. So in the interest of full disclosure let me tell you what it is that fills our days…

The Netflix version of the life of a real estate agent would probably involve luxurious top-end properties and revolve around sharp, deal-making phone negotiations and handshakes all while dressed in a sharp suit with shiny shoes, ideally while driving a low-slung sports car.

The day-to-day reality is very different to that picture but the lack of any fast cars is far outweighed by the incredible sense of achievement and satisfaction that comes helping a client achieve a great price for their property or equally, in helping a client find and secure their dream new home.

The motivation that drives our team to work every day and drives their determination to succeed is not a fast car but rather the desire to deliver a great deal.

As much as I would love to tell you (and any prospective recruits to our team!) that it’s easy the reality is securing results in residential property is never easy, even when prospects are good and the market is strengthening as it is now. 

Our team spend a huge amount of time on the phone.  We consider our role is to give our clients excellent information so they are empowered to make an excellent decision. That means talking to active clients currently in the market for a property and staying in touch with long-term clients to ensure they remain up-to-date on market trends and opportunities.

Then there are the hours spent answering questions, quelling nerves, qualifying finance, checking and rechecking every element of administration is covered, correct and in place.

Our team is also quite unique in that, despite working across our nine Sydney offices, they also spend a huge amount of time together. Our sales team meet every week to pool our knowledge, wisdom and insights, to discuss strategies for new listings, share thoughts on how to overcome property challenges and prepare for upcoming auctions.  They challenge each other and support each other which ensures our clients develop a trusted relationship with one Morton agent, and they benefit from the combined experience of the entire team.

Of course for each new listing there is marketing material to be prepared, but often our team will also take responsibility for overseeing property preparation and styling in the weeks prior to a photo and video shoot. Morton has a depth of talent in our Marketing team who then work closely with each agent to execute an individualised property campaign.

And really, that’s still just the start of the fascinating, complex and often crazy world of our professional residential real estate agents. It isn’t exactly glamorous but I can assure you it is never boring and with Spring now officially upon us, I know our team are excited and ready to deliver great outcomes over the months ahead.