Ewan's Blog

Seize the potential

Wednesday 14 Aug 2019

I came to a slightly odd realisation this week. I was thinking about the state of the market and considering the strength of our team when I realised I look for the same thing in people as I do in property. I seek potential. And it’s definitely out there but you do have to work for it. Let me explain….

In my view potential represents opportunity and that is incredibly exciting. 

But I also think it is important to recognise that potential is opportunity that is NOT guaranteed. You have to put in the effort to realise it. You have to work for it.

For those who have listed a property to sell there is real potential to secure a great result as buyers are more motivated than ever to make a deal now the market has shown consistency and growing strength. But that potential isn’t guaranteed. Vendors need to be cognisant that buyers are still price sensitive so it is important not to be greedy, but buyers also need to acknowledge that competition exists so they need to be prepared to pay good value.

For those considering listing there is real potential now that the buyer numbers will continue to rise as the traditional spring selling season begins. After several weeks of consistent strength in the market there is clear acknowledgment the market is on the rise so buyers will be keen to get active sooner rather than later. I see the potential for values to continue to rise but again, it can never be guaranteed, so I recommend potential vendors talk openly and honestly with their listing agent to ensure they enter the market with realistic expectations.

For our team of agents and property managers there is no doubt the market has been challenging this year but we have remained focussed on professional development and identifying strategies to ensure we can deliver the best service and results for our clients. 

We wanted to grow the potential of our team and the changing market sentiment now presents real opportunity for our agents to implement their innovative marketing, communication and negotiation techniques on behalf of our growing client base.

The reality is while the market was slow we didn’t disappear. We took the opportunity and worked to invest more than ever in developing the potential of our people and our business.  And now more than ever we are ready to go.