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The invaluable value

Wednesday 17 Jul 2019

The thing about property is that while the focus is always on the bricks and mortar, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size and style of the living spaces etc., there is another important factor in determining the desirability of a dwelling. It is impossible to give it a true value, but agents know only too well that in real terms it is invaluable, which is why they nurture it carefully…

The common wisdom might be that we are increasingly withdrawing to virtual, online communities. Our agents, specialising in city and suburban locations across Sydney, see a very different reality.

Clients are actively seeking properties located within vibrant local communities. And recognising the value of that community environment is why our agents are actively involved, and care about the communities in which we operate.

I have always said that real estate is about people as much as it is about property and I think that is becoming more evident as time passes. In areas like Pyrmont, families are choosing luxury apartment living and are attracted to the area not only because of the quality of property and its proximity to the city, but also because it has an incredibly proactive community providing amazing opportunities for residents to socialise and support each other. 

Morton sales agent Ian Qiu has always been involved in community events in Pyrmont, most recently sponsoring family events hosted by Family FunStop a unique local initiative founded by two mums who wanted to create opportunities for people to bring their young families together. It’s a great initiative that recognises it can take a village to raise a child and as a father of two young children himself, he sees the importance of lending a hand to support their endeavours.

Building that sense of community is equally important where residential developments are emerging including: Wentworth Point and Penrith. In these areas our Morton agents have hosted barbeques and charity fundraising dinners to engage with local residents and provide an opportunity for them to get together and have some fun.

More broadly, our team also actively support other community causes close to our heart. In 2019 Morton will again have a team riding in the ANZUP Below the Belt Pedalthon with the team aiming to raise at least $10,000 to support research and awareness. Trivia buffs can join Morton to test your skills at a fundraising trivia night at The Lord Dudley Hotel on August 22nd

At Morton, we take pride in being active members of the communities in which we work. We know property is always fundamentally about people and we value the quality neighbourhoods we proudly represent.