Ewan's Blog

The room full of mirrors

Tuesday 02 Jul 2019

I am not sure if the wider community will have noticed, or if it is a highlight only to those operating in the real estate bubble, but our profession is currently in the midst of our industry awards season. And whilst I acknowledge awards might not generate the same headlines as auction clearance rates, this is an incredibly important time for our business and industry, and therefore for our clients. Here’s why….

It is at this time of the year that our teams, our business and the industry as a whole, steps into the room full of mirrors.

That's because completing submissions for a variety of awards and categories forces us to reflect on exactly what we have achieved and how we are delivering.

We’re forced to take a good hard look at ourselves and as we push to gain recognition of real estate as a profession that self-reflection is vital.

Of course we always pay close attention to results, but submission questions also ask our team to articulate what we do differently for our clients as well as what we are doing to support the growth and development of our industry and our team.

They are important questions about important issues that can easily be forgotten in the rush and fuss that are daily deadlines and work pressure.

So how are we doing? 

Pretty well I think, although I’ll leave the final determination up to the official judges!

I am pleased to report that our commitment to continuous education and the professional development of our staff clearly remains the solid foundation on which our business achieves success.

At Morton, we expect and support all our team to expand their professional development as a way to seek new ways and opportunities to deliver an ever increasing standard of service and results for their clients.

I think that dedication to development reflects the bright future of our profession.

I am proud to call myself a real estate agent and I’m excited at industry progress to become an officially recognised profession. I believe we play a crucial and rewarding role in residential property and doing our job well makes a real difference in the lives of our clients.

I want to encourage more people to consider real estate as a career that can provide a clear, long-term professional pathway regardless of market highs or lows.

Which is why Morton is hosting a careers night this month for anyone who wants to explore the opportunities our profession delivers.

On Tues July 23rd I hope to meet young adults about to leave school, those who might already be undertaking further studies, parents considering a return to work and those interested in taking on a new challenge. Our current team includes all of the above and they demonstrate the potential our industry affords. Come along if you are interested!

In the meantime we now eagerly await word on our award submissions. Regardless of whether we win or not the process of reflection is always incredibly valuable and I am excited at what the future will bring.