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Asking Questions

Tuesday 25 Jun 2019

I talk a lot. Contrary to what some of you might think it isn’t because I like the sound of my own voice, it’s because I consider sharing information and insights about the market is an important part of the role of a property professional. But equally so is listening and at Morton we make it our business to ask questions. We don’t ask for your watch simply so we can tell you the time. We ask so we can deliver. Here is what I mean…

I probably should start by saying that I’ve always loved the concept that a consultant is someone who asks to borrow your watch so they can tell you the time and then charge you for the privilege. Thankfully I can laugh at it because I know the reality of a professional real estate agent offers much more than just the time!

People come to an agency like Morton because they are looking for information and support to make the right choices about their property. That will always start with our team asking questions. A good agent will listen first and talk later because you do have to understand the unique circumstances of each client, their goals and aspirations before you can really provide meaningful advice.

It means talking through the options and presenting the potential outcomes so clients can make informed choices.

But for our team there is also another series of questions we take very seriously. When we ask our clients for their feedback on our service and performance.

We have been widely recognized within our profession as being the best in the business. I think that’s because we believe in continuous professional development of our team and the continuous development of our service and standards. We set the bar high in terms of our customer service and results and when we reach that bar we aim to push it higher. 

Which is why our sales agents will ask for feedback from both buyers and vendors after every sale and why every few months our Property Management team ask a random selection of our renters and landlords for their views on interacting with Morton. We ask and we listen. We review, respond and react to the results because we are always looking for opportunities to enhance our service delivery.

Obviously we hope the responses will always be positive but we ask because we really do want to know. So don’t be afraid to talk to us and tell us what you think.