Ewan's Blog

Do you talk?

Wednesday 24 Apr 2019

There are some aspects of real estate that I think are a little contradictory. Property is the subject of endless discussion at dinner parties, the office, school pick-up and the pub but it is also an intensely private transaction. So I wonder, is there any value in talking? 

The saying goes ‘talk is cheap’ but to be brutally honest, when it comes to real estate, I believe it has incredible value.

Generic conversations around the water cooler about market records, auction clearance rates and market movements all impact sentiment and in turn have the power to impact the market itself. Positivity is as infectious as negativity is dangerous.

But equally powerful, and perhaps even more valuable, are the more direct conversations; one-on-one discussions about actions, experiences and outcomes. They might seem small scale but I have seen that they can, and do, really matter.

And whilst I recognise that the endless chatter about the state of the market can get a little tedious, I encourage anyone considering buying or selling property to listen, but also not to rely on those discussions alone. 

Just as any proactive property participate will do research on local values and demand so should you seek direct feedback on practical experience. Take the time to look at testimonials.  Talk to friends, colleagues, neighbours and your family about the agent they used, the communication and service provided.  It doesn’t have to be about the specific price to be valuable.

The process of buying and selling a property can be highly stressful. There are seemingly endless decisions to be made and most of them do involve money.  Agent. Commission. Price guide.  Auction. Private treaty.  Styling. Advertising. Reserve.  Deal or no deal.

Understanding how others have negotiated that process is useful and the personal experience of friends and colleagues will provide you with insights and advice you trust. And when the decisions are big the importance of trust is crucial.

Which I am so proud that Morton agents are regularly approached by new clients and new listings having been referred by our existing clients. Over 100 of our 2018 listings were the result of existing client referrals. 

It’s great to know that our clients are prepared to share their experience and explain why they trust our team to help them safely navigate the path to selling successfully.   

Our sales team take testimonials very seriously. We seek feedback from all clients all the time because the opportunity to learn and improve the way we do business is vital.

Being entrusted with the sale of a property is a huge responsibility. Our aim is to reward that trust with dedication, open, honest communication and determination to secure the best possible outcome.