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Listening to Expectations

Wednesday 10 Apr 2019

There is no doubt ours is a business of managing expectations.  Whether a property buyer, a vendor, a landlord or tenant all our clients have expectations about the value, management and care of their property and home.  They can involve tough conversations as expectations might need to change as the market moves, but what about expectations when it comes to service?  Our clients expect the best, and our team know it’s vital important to keep asking ‘what exactly is the best’?  

Last week I joined a group of leading experts in customer communications together with Morton’s Innovation & Marketing Manager Sarah Fowell, spurred on by our quest to stay at the forefront of delivering quality service to our clients.

Sarah is a force in our business, pushing our team to ensure we don’t just do our job, that we always do our job with a view to understanding and embracing what our clients want and need from us.  She has a adopted a new mantra ‘Good service is no longer a differentiator, it is a non-negotiable’.

So at the seminar there was a lot of discussion around communication. When, why and how often we should communicate with clients is a question we regularly ask at Morton.  As Sarah explains, “Every communication we send is always carefully considered against the critical criteria that it must add value.  Our clients want more, but the balance is important because they also definitely do not want too much.”  

However communication is not just about us talking. Equally we must be prepared to listen. At Morton we don’t wait to be told, we proactively ask for feedback across all our divisions. 

And I think it is important to be clear that we don’t ask just for the sake of it.  We take the responses very seriously.  We take the time to reflect, respond and react to the feedback we are given.  We acknowledge there will always be areas where we can improve and we are willing to listen and learn. 

To be the best, and stay the best, we must continue to understand exactly the expectations of our clients.  Feel free to let us know.