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Why we are there

Wednesday 20 Feb 2019

You may have noticed that over recent years that Morton has been spreading our footprint. We now have offices across the Sydney metro area and further afield in suburbs like Little Bay, Riverwood and Penrith.  The rationale that has driven our expansion to these new areas might surprise you but in actual fact it reflects the Morton commitment to service across sales and property management. Let me explain...

It is no surprise that the endless headlines about property oversupply as a result of the development boom that has swept across Sydney will have caused concern for owners and investors.  The danger is that as a swathe of new apartment buildings come online at the one time there will be pressure on both prices and rental return.  It is a circumstance that won’t come as a surprise but it does take commitment to address and overcome. 

Morton understands those inevitable price pressures and the paranoia of buyers who may have committed funds years ago.  Which is why Morton makes the strategic decision to go in early.

If you take a minute you will see the roll out of new Morton offices coincides with areas of new developments; Wentworth Point, Green Square, Penrith and Little Bay. Months in advance of new developments coming online in those precincts Morton puts an expert team on the ground.  We don’t wait for the apartments to be ready to start leasing. Our aim on behalf of our clients is to generate the interest and lock in the contracts with a view to deliver owners a return on their investment from day one.

We go in hard and make the commitment to the area the development, and most importantly, our clients.  Our rationale is that our team is right there, ready to answer any questions and seize every opportunity. We get to now in advance every detail about the development and the area, to understand the community and appreciate the nuances of the local property market.

And while our focus initially is on providing expert leasing and property management our teams also include sales agents so we can offer clients a full suite of property services.

At Morton we aim to make a difference for our clients and we are prepared to commit teams to new areas across Sydney in order to make that difference.  It’s exciting and challenging but we wouldn’t have it any other way.