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The bigger picture

Tuesday 12 Feb 2019

I know it’s kind of obvious but it is incredibly important in a challenging market to consider the danger in looking at headlines and numbers in isolation.  Just as you would evaluate a property by looking at the neighbouring buildings and the neighbourhood in general so you should talk to your agent about the bigger property picture.

But what does that really mean?  

Contrary to what most commentators were expecting it is great to report that across all Morton offices from the city to the suburbs our teams are seeing a surge in buyer activity.  The responsibility for our teams is to ensure that buyer interest is translated into deals being done which often involves setting the right expectations.

And I’m incredibly proud that over the last 12 months Morton has delivered a result for our clients that lies in or above our estimated range for 9 out of 10 sales.

In our Morton Waterloo office Sales agent, Darren Davis, despairs that Green Square continues to attract negative attention based on claims of over development and underperformance. From Darren’s on-the-ground perspective there is nothing negative his team delivering an auction clearance rate of 85% for the last quarter of 2018 with an average days-on-market of just 20.  I agree, they’re quality results. 

So how are Darren and his sales team able to deliver those results when the headlines for the area are sadly so negative?

They explain the bigger picture.

When you talk to Darren about buying or selling a property in their precinct, he will always highlight the big picture and then work with his team to deliver.  

Let me elaborate.  Every Morton office has both a sales and property management team dedicated to the precinct and while obviously the day to day role of those teams can be very different their objectives are united: to deliver great service and results for their clients.  It means working together to achieve the very best outcome.

Darren acknowledges the market shift has meant he has had to have some tough conversations with owners about value. But when that happens Darren says the hard truth should always be the start, rather than the end, of the conversation.  

“I call in the expertise of our local Property Manager to ensure the property owner is given the bigger picture around what are the possibilities for their property.  We talk sales and expectations, leasing, costs and opportunities.  Together with the owner we dig down into the numbers so they are empowered to make the best choice based on their needs and circumstances. If they choose to proceed to sell we set out a considered plan on how to do it but if selling isn’t the right option how can we help achieve the best rental return.”

The big picture is always about finding the right pathway for our clients and then putting a plan of action in place to help achieve their property goal.