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We have a problem…or do we?

Thursday 31 Jan 2019

I know it might sound a little odd but there are a couple of things that appeal to me about the line ‘Houston, we have a problem’, made famous by Tom Hanks in the Apollo 13 movie.  Whilst I don’t claim to have the same pedigree as Director Ron Howard, I do believe that good things can come from unexpected places and I think with the right direction our team can deliver a blockbuster over the year ahead.  This is what I’m thinking…

For those who may not have seen the movie in Apollo 13 the words ‘we have a problem’ is really the moment when the story starts to move and the action begins.  The unexpected explosion forces everyone to work harder than they have ever done before, and vital to the successful outcome of the mission, they also had to think outside the box to find a solution.  It isn’t a disaster, it just means doing things differently.

And so it is with the residential property market right now.  There is no denying the market has encountered a problem, but focussing only on the downturn is dangerous because the reality is there are new opportunities being created.

In Apollo 13 the actual reason for the explosion isn’t the crucial piece of the story.  It isn’t directly relevant to finding a way to bring the mission home safely.  The key is finding the best, safest way to achieve the right result.

I should add here that I understand the movie line ‘we have a problem’ is actually not exactly what was said in the real-life scenario.  It was altered probably to add more drama which is another point I think holds similar to the residential property market where overly sensational headlines are used to capture the attention.

In fact our team are still listing properties to sell. Vendors are coming to us with realistic views on value but also with the knowledge securing a sale is possible and will generate a great opportunity to buy somewhere different at a good price.  We are also increasingly seeing a whole new demographic of younger professional buyers finally prepared to enter the market which is exciting. 

So for Morton, right now it doesn’t really matter what has caused the downturn in the market although I think it’s a combination of many things both domestic and international.  The main focus of our team is not to search for the ‘why’ but instead to look for ways to safely achieve the right result for our clients.

Just like the ground crew in Houston the Morton sales, leasing and marketing teams each have extraordinary experience and an enviable depth of knowledge.  And just as we watched those teams in the movie working together to identify opportunities, options and to think outside the box, so too are our teams at Morton, whilst always being prepared to be brutally honest about the potential risks and rewards.

Our aim is to bring home the mission successfully, whether that be selling or leasing a property on behalf of our clients.  To do so our teams will leave no opportunity or idea untested.  With that focus and determination, I know we can still deliver a blockbuster.