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More to come

Wednesday 09 Jan 2019

It’s the new year but I’m not going to start by trying to make any bold predictions because as I’ve said many times over the last couple of years, I think unpredictable has become the ‘new normal’ across many facets of life and that includes real estate. What I will say is that I expect more in 2019. More of what I hear you ask? 

I expect more property to be listed and sold.  It may be getting harder to identify distinct trends and therefore to identify exact value and growth but that won’t stop transactions. There will always be people seeking to enter the market, upsize, downsize and move locations and property remains a ‘go-to’ option for investors. That means there will always be more people out there looking to buy and sell. 

I do expect more challenges. There are elections looming and that raises the prospect of uncertainty in terms of policy. Policy changes can deliver positive outcomes which is exciting but change is always challenging because impacts planning and financial decision making.  And of course there are the challenges that come from international events over which we have no control but that can impact domestic mood and financial markets.

I expect more from our team of Morton property experts.  In a market that is unpredictable it takes more effort, more service, more support, more ingenuity, expertise and business savvy to secure a deal. Our team are motivated and ready to deliver more of everything to their clients.

I expect, and sincerely hope, that our clients will ask a lot more questions. Information has always been vital to making a sound property decision. The internet obviously gives more people access to information but in the year ahead I envisage we will see more people seeking greater, more in-depth knowledge from our team about buildings, developments and locations to ensure they have considered every possible scenario and opportunity before committing to a sale or purchase. That’s great and our team will be ready to answer every question.

The upshot is that I’m more than excited about the year ahead. Bring it on!