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Don't be silent

Wednesday 12 Dec 2018

I’m sure we have all experienced that moment you ask your kids a question but get only silence in response. You know something is going on inside their head and as parents we’re told to encourage kids to talk because it’s the best way to help them address concerns, manage expectations and hopefully identify solutions. It’s the same with property.  Don’t be silent. Talk. Ask questions. Seek answers.  Your might be very surprised by what you learn. 

I understand it might feel like the best option at the moment is to go quiet. To sit tight. To wait and see. However the risk of lying low means you might actually be missing out. Truly. What isn’t being reflected in the numbers reported in the media over recent weeks is the fact that our team are finding more buyers registering to bid at our auctions. There are more people out there actively looking which is good news.

It shows the market is resilient. 

It’s also a great demonstration of the effectiveness of taking a property to auction and a great demonstration of why the auction process works.  An auction campaign encourages those considering a property purchase to the table to ask questions and seek answers about opportunity and value.

That’s why auction remains the preferred method of sale for the majority of properties listed by the Morton team of sales agents. It gets the conversation started.

The recently released of OECD Report on Australia contained warnings about what ‘might happen’. It is sensible and absolutely advisable to consider all possible ‘what ifs’ when contemplating a property sale or purchase because it’s a big decision that can have long terms implications and consequences.

And that’s the point. Talk it through. Get opinions from the experts. 

I’m incredibly proud to have just been recognised as an Industry Influencer for 2018 by Elite Agent magazine and as mentor for the Morton team I can assure you we work incredibly hard to set the benchmark in providing clients with information and advice.  Our team will tell you what you need to hear.  We don’t sugar coat the facts.  We’ll give you the truth as we see it.

Our team of agents have worked and watched market movements over decades and established strong networks of long-term clients who trust their wisdom and insight.

Don’t automatically assume the sky is going to fall in. Keep talking. We’re hear to listen and help provide the answers you need to make the right property decision.