Ewan's Blog

At what cost?

Wednesday 31 Oct 2018

The issues that have emerged this week out of the review into Australia cricket resonate incredibly strongly with me. They inspire debate around culture and leadership that I believe are as relevant to the profession of real estate as they are to professional sport. It’s incredibly important to consider the consequences of a determination to ‘win at all costs’.

In my view our business is residential property and the key to our success is always our people, but as we are witnessing in light of the revelations around cricket, even the most talented team will falter if the culture is not right. And when the going gets tough a flawed culture can lead to big problems.

So how does that relate to real estate? 

Well to start I should emphasise that culture isn’t just an airy-fairy feel-good concept.  It isn’t about high-fives and daily motivational messages...although there is nothing wrong with either of those things.

In our business the culture we foster is one where every team member understands they have a role to play to achieve a positive outcome. And we are very clear about what we consider to be the positive outcome we must be working towards every day in every interaction with have with our clients. 

That clarity is important and it never waivers. Regardless whether it is a booming property market or a tough economic environment our goal remains the same and our team know it.  We aim to provide our clients with the best information, service and support so they are empowered to make the very best property decisions.

It means our team are not automatically trying to motivate potential vendors to list their property right now, or to sell at any price.  At Morton we work to provide considered, well-informed information to clients so they can determine if now is the right time, and if that is the right price for them.

It means our clients trust that we are motivated by their needs not our own self-interest and as the leader of our business I know it is crucial our team see that I believe in that philosophy. We will do it right.