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Go you good thing!

Wednesday 03 Oct 2018

What a week! The AFL, NRL and inaugural NRLW grand finals plus in amongst all that sporting madness there was also the announcement of the NSW winners of the REI Awards for Excellence. It has been a week of intense competition. I love that you can always draw parallels between sport, life and business so here are my outtakes from the week that was in terms of motivating our team and our clients to keep pushing for success. 

From the AFL grand final the key lesson for our clients and the Morton team is to recognise that ‘it ain’t over till it’s over.’ Our sales agents know they have to keep pushing hard and never give up until they have secured a deal satisfactory to both the vendor and the buyer. That means being ready to seize every and any opportunity. Our agents work hard to identify motivated buyers but the job isn’t done when they receive an offer, they push to find a better offer and drive for that extra goal that will deliver greater success.

The Inaugural NRLW grand final was a fantastic demonstration that you can always forge new, successful pathways whilst still respecting tradition. The elevation in prestige and respect, acknowledges that women’s sport is spectacular is long overdue. For our business I think it proves we should never be afraid to push through perceived barriers because often those barriers are simply that; perception. At Morton we are always seeking new ways of doing things to improve our service and results and I also should highlight that at Morton we have amazing women on staff who play crucial roles leading our team to break down those barriers.

In terms of the NRL grand final I think the win by the Sydney Roosters demonstrates two important things. First that courage can deliver. Whilst some vendors might be nervous to list giving the changing conditions but those who show courage are reaping the rewards of an active buyers market. Second there was something extraordinary in the strength, trust and teamwork demonstrated by the Roosters.

Great teamwork, made up of amazing individuals prepared to put in the training, effort and to work together, can deliver great results.

That’s exactly what was demonstrated at the REI NSW Awards for Excellence on Thursday night. I’m so proud that Morton was named Property Management Team of the Year and for the second consecutive year Morton was named ‘Sales Team of the Year’. It is a testament to the experience, training, collaboration and motivation of our staff to work together to strive to be the best and achieve the best outcomes for clients.

Of course while the footy season might now be over the real estate season never ends. We celebrated hard after the Awards last week but we’re already back in training and on the field and looking for ways to improve our performance and results for our clients every week.