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Take a moment

Wednesday 26 Sep 2018

The thing about modern life is that it’s always busy. Very busy.  Every day we wake with a long list of commitments and things to achieve and then, despite another hectic day, we go to bed each night with the list appearing not to be any shorter. That’s certainly the reality of life in residential real estate, but in life, as it in business, I think it’s incredibly important to take a moment and stop. Here’s why…

Our team stop regularly each year. Well, perhaps not ‘stop’ because we will always be ready to service the needs of our clients, but we unashamedly set aside time throughout the year with the conscious intent to take a good hard look at ourselves.

Every year we take the time to enter our industry awards. As I said last week we enter as a way to review our systems, growth and delivery for our clients and the professional development of our team. The questions presented as part of the entry criteria require careful consideration so entering forces us to stop and consider if we really are adapting appropriately, doing enough, developing the right disciplines and encouraging our staff to extend their experience and knowledge that will deliver the best service and results for all our clients.

This year we have been nominated as finalists in three Agency categories and three individual categories. I’m thrilled our business has been recognised as finalists across sales, property management and as an agency and we anxiously await news on the final winners. To be able to demonstrate consistency to our clients is a great reward.

At Morton we want to be the best. We want individual staff members to each be the best in their field. We want our teams to lead the way and our business as a whole to work seamlessly and set new benchmarks in excellence and achievement.

We have won Awards for Excellence in previous years but we know the benchmarks keep changing, as much because we try very hard to keep setting new ones!

That’s not easy and it’s a quest that never ends.  We will take a moment to (hopefully) celebrate and acknowledge the winners of the REINSW awards this week, and then we’ll get busy implementing plans to deliver bigger and better in the year ahead.