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Take Control

Wednesday 12 Sep 2018

I get it. When the market is shifting it can be hard. How do you determine exactly when is the right time to gain a solid foothold on which to make a property move? Whether buy or selling I understand that when the market is moving it can be disheartening trying to find solid ground on which to make your decisions. In actual fact the best way to tackle a moving market is to stand firm and take control.  

There are many things in life, and certainly in real estate, that are beyond your control. The media is right to report that control of the property market has moved to buyers but I think it is important to highlight there are still many things over which vendors have the ability to make decisions and choices. 

Even when the market is easing there is no doubt that decisions made by vendors have the power to influence the value achieved by a property.

I’m talking about decisions around preparing a property for sale, styling and marketing. I totally understand the temptation to minimise expenses. It’s entirely sensible to seriously contemplate every dollar spent but it is equally important to evaluate the potential return on investment that can be derived from sprucing up a property to ensure it is presented to attract the right buyers.

It’s the fundamental concept behind the tv program ‘Selling Houses Australia’ and it applies even more importantly in an easing market when buyers have the opportunity to be a little more picky with the properties they choose.

Styling is more than just making a property look the best that it can be – although that is obviously important. It’s about creating an environment that engages potential buyers with the potential to generate an emotional response. It’s about making sure potential buyers see the versatility of the space offered and the practicality and it will involve achieving a balance between clean and cluttered, modern and comfortable. It’s about making it easy to imagine yourself living there and worthy of the price being asked to pay for that privilege. 

An experienced sales agent will be able to give you honest advice so that vendors can feel confident in the decisions they make. Our team of sales agents have teams of trusted contractors and suppliers with whom they can work miracles and they do so very conscious of every dollar spent.

Investing in the right preparation and marketing is the best way for vendors to take control of the way their property is presented to the market and received by potential buyers.