Ewan's Blog

What to do now?

Wednesday 01 Aug 2018

It’s probably the most common question being asked right now by those with a stake in the property market. The market has changed and it has left many asking, what to do now? How do you effectively counter the changing sentiment? For our team the answer is very straightforward. 

Regardless of the market our agents keep doing what they have always done because whether it’s a booming market or one that is easing their aim is to identify and pursue every opportunity to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients. 

Of course the best agents are always looking for new ways to achieve that optimum outcome and every property requires a unique marketing and sales strategy, but the fundamentals will always remain the same.

That’s why it frustrates me when I hear people comment that in a strong market a ‘property will sell itself’. Even in the strongest of markets the best agents in the business don’t simply sit back and wait for offers to flow in. They work it. Hard. And they are on the job long before the property officially hits the market. 

A property needs to be staged so that it is the best that it can be and the formal public marketing campaign will commence only after an intense direct marketing campaign where the agent hits the phone to personally introduce the property to select contacts in their database.

None of that changes when a market slows. Our team are still on the phone and opening doors for inspections and as a result of those personal contacts, combined with their long-term experience and knowledge of value, they continue to negotiate the best possible outcomes for their clients.

And if you’re wondering I do still believe auction is the best way to market a property.  It’s important vendors understand that an auction campaign doesn’t automatically guarantee an outcome on the day. It never has, but auction is the very best way to push potential buyers into making a decision on their perceived value of a property.

So my message to those wondering what to do now is to get on with it. We are.