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Talk about it

Wednesday 13 Jun 2018

It is no secret that most people in Sydney are slightly obsessed with real estate. It’s a constant topic in the media, at the office water cooler, on the side of the sports field and around the dinner table, but don’t lose sight of the importance and value that comes from having the right conversations with the right people... even if you don’t think you’re ready to buy or sell right now.


I understand the constant discussion around value and market security. Residential property is the most significant financial investment most of us will undertake so it makes sense to maintain an eye on the market.  But I don’t think a casual chat around the dinner table and keeping watch on the market via the mainstream news media is enough.


Savvy property owners will stay directly tapped into the market, even if they are not actively participating in the market.


I’ve spent the last couple of weeks talking to our team about their achievements and highlights of the last financial year as they prepare submissions for our annual industry awards. The scenario that repeatedly stood out across the sales success of all our agents were those negotiated as a result of strong relationships with clients, established over many years of regular communication.  Those relationships of trust are the foundation on which our team are consistently able to secure buyers and vendors great property results.


Not ready to buy? Not keen to sell? Determined to keep a low profile until the ‘time is right’? Sure, but a regular catch up with an agent you trust will ensure you don’t inadvertently miss a ‘right time’. 


Understanding the property goals of clients enables our team to identify exactly the right opportunities for them to buy or sell.  Staying in touch with an agent you trust means the agent can do the hard work for you.


Remember, we love to talk property but our team make it their business to talk the truth.  They stay in touch with property owners to keep them up-to-date on market moves in their area and they’re always ready to talk to anyone keen to know what’s going on at the coal face of residential property.


They are the conversations worth having.