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Do you trust me?

Thursday 07 Jun 2018

Let’s focus on the real issue.  In real estate we’re never talking about small amounts of money. It’s a big decision to buy and an equally big decision to sell, so it makes sense that deciding who to entrust with the sale of your property is an equally big decision.


So who do you trust and what do you want from your selling agent?


I don’t think it presumptuous to suggest vendors are looking for a quick sale of their property for the best possible price.  Vendors seek the guidance and services of an expert to market and negotiate on their behalf to get the most money available in the market for their property.


Establishing the right guide price is crucial. So who do you trust?


The role of the selling agent is to secure the best possible price for the property and the best place to start is to set the right expectations around the estimated value.  Vendors need to be careful to be realistic given the changing market conditions


In the hotly contested market a hotly contested issue was the accusation that agents were intentionally setting a low guide price to entice more potential buyers. I argued then that if a property sells above expectation it doesn’t mean the Estimated Selling Price was wrong.  It certainly doesn’t mean the price was intentionally set low.  It does mean the Agent did their job to secure the best possible price available for the property.


Today my warning is against price guides that are ambitious.  My advice is to trust the agent that tells the truth rather than what you want to hear.


At the moment it is tricky to determine where the market sits but our team of agents has the long-term experience to understand the market movements. They provide clients with an honest assessment of value based on experience and their in-depth knowledge of the precincts in which they operate.  They will provide an Estimated Selling Price based on FACT not a fanciful figure based on hope.


When choosing an agent to sell a property a vendor will always be seeking success.  Don’t forget that a key foundation to achieving success will always be honesty and transparency.  Trust me.