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Background to business

Thursday 10 May 2018

There is something I think you should know. Whilst residential sales is obviously a very key element of our business, indeed it is certainly the most high profile aspects of our work, it is underpinned by a strong and growing property management portfolio. But I’m not telling you that to advertise. I’m telling you because it’s important.  It makes a difference to how we do business and it directly influences the motivations behind our service to vendors. This is what I mean…

Why should residential sales clients care if we have a strong property management business? To be honest it’s not magic or complicated, it is just good business.

We have worked incredibly hard to build a team of experts supported by the right systems to ensure every investment property under our management is carefully maintained with every tenancy profitable and as hassle free as possible.

That commitment to results and service has attracted a portfolio of over 3000 managements and the fact is property management is not as susceptible to market fluctuations as sales so it provides stability to our business. 

Whilst our management portfolio may rise and fall slightly each month it represents a very strong foundation on which to execute our broader daily business.  That security means regardless the state of the market our team of sales agents can always focus entirely on promoting and negotiating the very best deal possible for vendors.

No matter what the market conditions our expert sales team maintain the highest level of standards and processes and never deviate from their commitment to delivering for their clients as their first priority.  Our business model is based entirely around maintaining customer results and satisfaction.

The mantra of our team is to be disciplined, stay focussed and be ready to push for the best. They are not looking for a quick deal if taking a bit longer will mean a better deal.

It’s business. It is good business for Morton to offer premium property management services. It means our team of sales agents can always keep their eye on the prize on behalf of their clients.