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Cultural Look Out

Wednesday 02 May 2018

Real estate is often considered a profession of individuals. High profile sales agents are among a growing culture of celebrity and while there is certainly nothing wrong with a high profile, it is important to recognise the best, most successful in this business are those who surround themselves with a strong team.  And as we are seeing played out in the media right now; never underestimate the power and influence of the ‘culture’ within a team.

I have always felt that the culture that exists within a team is incredibly important.  Get it right and you have a business asset that is incalculably valuable and which will deliver the very best outcomes for clients. Get it wrong and the staff, the business and perhaps most importantly, the clients, can find themselves in a world of pain as those following the banking royal commission will know.

The problem is that culture can be hard to see, but I recommend taking the time to look out for it.

At Morton we’ve worked hard to identify the culture we want to underpin our business.  We never lose sight of the need to foster and protect the positive, proactive and ‘can do’ shared values we believe should underpin the work of our individual staff and the team as a whole.

And much of the work we do is around transparency.  Putting it all ‘out there’ and owning the work we do.  Internally we aim to celebrate success but also analyse mistakes to ensure they cannot be repeated. 

But we don’t just look within.  We look at the journey taken by each of our customers and consistently look out for the frustrations and welcome the feedback from our clients. Criticism can be tough to hear but listening is learning and that is how we will continue to drive improvement and success.

We are always open about what we do and how we do it so our clients are always fully briefed. We have robust systems in place based on the combined decades of experience of our teams and our transparency underpins the integrity with which we go about our business. 

That’s a great culture. It is something I am very proud of and incredibly protective and motivated to maintain because it delivers the very best outcomes for our clients.