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Don’t take it for granted

Tuesday 24 Apr 2018

It is a common refrain but one that I hope will never lose its resonance.  We really are ‘the lucky country’ and the truth behind the statement runs much deeper than just an angle for a tourism campaign. It can equally be applied to our domestic real estate market, and it is important we don’t take it for granted.


This week we find ourselves taking the time to consider our fortune as a nation as we honour those who have fought to protect our lucky country. We should never take their contribution, commitment and sacrifice for granted.


We are a lucky country and we should always be ready to see the good rather than seek the bad.


I have spoken many times about the inherent strength and value on which the Sydney real estate market is founded.  The market is easing from the incredible highs we have experienced over recent years but it is important that buyers and vendors don’t take for granted the fact good value still exists. 


The fact remains that we have a growing population.  Whatever your thoughts on politics the fact remains we have a stable government system that underpins our economic security.  In light of the recent revelations about the industry it is important to remember that whatever your thoughts on the financial sector the fact is there are systems to demand accountability.  Whatever you think of the media they do have the freedom to present an independent voice and challenge the status quo.


There is no doubt the buoyancy of the residential property market both contributes to, and benefits from, the stability of our government, economy and systems.


I know this is quite a heavy blog topic. It is perhaps a little more deep and meaningful than my usual weekly opinions, but this week more than any I think there is value in reminding ourselves that it is important not to take it for granted.