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Good Choices

Monday 09 Apr 2018

One of the things I've heard myself say repeatedly to my kids over the years is 'make good choices'. I consider them wise words but I recognise that with so many options and opportunities it can be daunting and exhausting to determine the good from the 'not so good'. So if you’re considering your options in terms of residential property let me give you some tips on how to make good choices.

First. Be honest. Be honest with yourself and definitely be honest with your chosen agent about your motivations to buy or sell. It is important you can articulate what you want to achieve out of a sale. Of course financial reward, but rarely is that the only rationale for someone considering putting a property on the market. Think about the ‘what’ and ‘why’ and then choose to be clear and open with your agent about your property goals.

Second. Be open. You should absolutely expect to hear facts and figures from your agent when discussing a sales marketing strategy. You should also expect to hear the truth even if that might mean hearing your goals are potentially unrealistic. Choose to listen to the evidence and allow the facts and experience of your agent help inform your decisions.

Third, and this one is a biggie right now.  Believe in the auction process to achieve the best result. It might sound counterintuitive in a cooling market but the numbers prove it. Our team are achieving an 82% auction clearance rate with many deals done before auction day with days on market averaging just 21 and vendors happy.  It’s the obvious strategy when the market it hot and it is equally sound in the market now. I believe auction is the right choice for a clear majority of new listings.

I started this blog thinking I would outline the top ten tips for making good choices, but you know what? Three is enough. These three are all you need. Make good choices and the market will be good to you.