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Stop. Start. Continue

Wednesday 21 Feb 2018

Given the stories out of Canberra that have filled newspapers lately it’s a little ironic that over the last couple of weeks Morton teams have been negotiating their own versions of an office ban. But before your imagination goes into overdrive I should quickly clarify our discussions have been purely around our business and business practices!  

Our policy when dealing with clients is to always be open and honest even if the truth may be hard to hear and uncomfortable to deliver. The same should apply to our colleagues. So we’ve been looking at what individuals need to Stop, Start and Continue in order to sustain a cohesive team environment so our offices can always deliver the best results for clients.  

I have talked previously about our ongoing quest to identify any new processes, procedures and IT solutions that will improve our service delivery for clients. That drive for continuous improvement also extends to our people.  Even the best and most experienced in the business can learn and improve. It’s what keeps our team on top.

Professional development at Morton covers a range of techniques including regular mentoring sessions and coaching supplemented by industry training. Our most recent exercise involved talking with staff about the good, the bad and the ugly.  We facilitated full and frank conversations between team members so individuals understand how their behaviours can inspire and in turn frustrate their colleagues. 

It was a fascinating and revealing process that was designed to be honest and unthreatening. Indeed in most cases it was hilarious. The unconscious habit of one agent clicking a pen and tapping his foot at his computer while negotiating a deal on the phone turns out to reverberate like a rock band drum solo amongst his office colleagues. Who knew?

Well now he knows. The conversation, a silent stress ball and an agreement to ‘stop’ has eased an underlying tension in the office. I don’t know who said it but I agree entirely that ‘the truth will set you free.’ 

When it comes to negotiating the rollercoaster of inevitable emotions associated with buying, selling or leasing a residential property our team recognise that open, honest communication is crucial. Our team will always tell it like it is. 

If you aren’t sure, are worried or nervous about current and future prospects of the market I encourage you to talk to our team. They call ‘Stop’ on the BS and will always give you the facts so you can confidently get started and continue to move ahead with your property dream.