Ewan's Blog

The Human Element

Wednesday 14 Feb 2018

I know there is a lot of love around this week but to be honest I wish we could focus more on the value of sharing a little more kindness. In the harsh world of high finance and the tough environment that is modern day business I still believe there is room for compassion, kindness and definitely manners. And let me say very clearly that showing consideration doesn’t mean having to make financial concessions, it does mean demonstrating some courtesy.

At Morton we started the year bringing team members from all our offices and departments together. We wanted to remind everyone in the business of the pressures their colleagues face as they work to provide impeccable service and results for clients. 

For example it’s invaluable for our sales agents to understand the pressure faced by our administrative team to facilitate a smooth execution of marketing strategies and contracts when juggling the demands of multiple agents and multiple deadlines across multiple platforms.

The result of improved understanding is both practical and personal. Agents will have more empathy and they will also be more mindful of the impact of expecting miracles. They will understand the importance of being organised and realistic. For clients it will make for an even more seamless implementation of strategy into practice to deliver the best sales outcome.

We also wanted our team to try walking in the shoes of our clients. We need to understand the how clients are feeling and reacting to interactions with our team. Are we flooding clients with too many communications? Alternatively are we assuming too much knowledge and subsequently leaving clients in the dark about our actions and rationales? Only by playing the role of a client can we objectively review our processes and procedures and so ensure that in a busy world we are doing the best for our clients.

Residential real estate involves both high stress and high finance but most importantly it involves people. It does require kindness and empathy. Our team never lose sight of the human element in their work, it is what makes it so challenging and so rewarding.