Ewan's Blog

Unexpected Lessons

Thursday 08 Feb 2018

At Morton we have specialised in residential real estate for more than two decades and I often think over that time we’ve seen and done it all. But of course regardless of experience there is always potential for an unexpected curveball in any business and certainly in this profession. The proof of professionalism is how you handle it.  

We faced an unexpected IT challenge this week which tested the patience and resilience of our team.  I’m sure you can empathise with the frustration experienced when our system inexplicably seized.  It can happen to the biggest businesses in the world and this week it happened to us. 

Now we’re always ready to embrace new technologies that will enhance our efficiency as a business and the service we provide our clients. We are careful to only introduce systems that are proven to be sufficiently robust to handle the demand, speed and volume of information we need to access and produce.  But obviously, as we learnt this week, even the best technology can have a meltdown. 

So what do you do when things don’t go according to plan?

I was incredibly impressed with the response of our team. They simply knuckled down and got on with it. When the problem couldn’t be fixed immediately they worked out a way to ensure the work could still get done, and then they worked tirelessly to ensure it did get done.  It wasn’t easy but the team knew it the only way to solve the problem and deliver the right outcome

That’s the attitude I like to see and that I am very proud to say exists across all areas of our business.  If it doesn’t go according to plan our sales team is always be ready to brainstorm a new way to approach a tricky sale or negotiation and they won’t rest until they have a solution to satisfy the client.   Our Property Management team are continually looking for new ways to do things so that tenants are not inconvenienced but landlords have confidence their property is being maintained.

This week our Admin team demonstrated their resilience and determination to let nothing get in the way of client satisfaction.  For our team every challenge is an opportunity to learn something new and improve our service.