Ewan's Blog

Time to Knuckle Down

Wednesday 31 Jan 2018

Now that the school bell has rung and the Australia Day temporary tattoos have started to fade we can collectively settle down and get on with it.  While many have been back at work for a couple of weeks I admit it does still feel like it isn’t really until February that everyone really does knuckle down to the reality of everyday school and work routine. Which means the next couple of weeks will be very interesting.

The question is will there be a jump in activity as those people who have successfully escaped over the holidays return and refocus on buying and selling?  Now the kids are back at school will they immediately get active in the market? 

I certainly hope so and I think it’s highly likely.

I acknowledge the economic outlook for the year ahead remains the subject of much conjecture but while the future is unfolding there are plenty of people ready and willing to shape their own future by taking control of the opportunities that exist.

There is no doubt strong demand still exists but there is equally no doubt that potential buyers are currently a little reticent and cautious to act.  Their desire to secure a property is high but their determination to secure the best possible deal in the market is also high. No surprises there.

I envisage the months ahead will highlight the importance of clear guidance for our clients to ensure they make the right decision at the right time.

It’s why our team continue to predominantly recommend vendors take their property to auction.  It continues to be the best option to identify serious buyers. It sets a clear timeframe and opens the door for serious negotiations that our team of expert sales people can turn into serious results. 

I think we are set for interesting times ahead, but at the same time as we look to the future our team are busy delivering great results to clients right now.