Ewan's Blog

Challenges ahead

Wednesday 24 Jan 2018

I’m probably not the only person who looks at the year ahead excited but also a little bit daunted at the challenges that it may bring.  But then again, I always expect it to be challenging, and contrary to what you might think I’m not talking about the state of the market or forecasts for the year ahead. 

The thing is at Morton we don’t wait for challenges to arise; we look for them.  Actually, it might be more appropriate to say that we proactively set them.  Our aim is to continuously seek ways to improve our service and results for clients and we do that by continuously setting new challenges for our team to meet. 

Our goal is to avoid unexpected bushfires because we are always looking to anticipate and address issues before they arise. 

Of course every property is different, every vendor is unique and every potential purchaser is motivated by different factors. Equally the strength of the market can ebb and flow in response to changing economic, international and political events.  There is no single template that can be applied to achieve guaranteed success.

But as a team and a business we can be ready, we can be nimble and we can work together.  We learn from experience, we share our knowledge and experience and we establish protocols that are flexible but that also ensure a seamless roll-out of each marketing, sales and communication campaign.

We are always ready.

The news media is speculating that 2018 will be tough but regardless the state of the market our team is ready.  Regardless the state of the market the challenge is to achieve the best possible result for our clients.  

That is the challenge we face in 2018 and I know we are ready to smash it!