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One small step

Wednesday 17 Jan 2018

It’s that time of year.  I find new year resolutions are all well and good, though in my experience they’re destined to fail because they’re driven by the date rather than a clear drive and determination to achieve. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big goals person; having a goal is a great thing but to reach it requires more than simply saying it out loud.

At Morton we encourage staff to set personal and professional goals, but they are much more than ‘set and forget’ markers revisited only at an annual review.   Achieving success won’t happen with a single giant leap. It will involve reaching successive mini milestones along the way. You can’t become a world champion without first winning your state, national and regional competition.

Take it one step at a time.

For our team that means sales targets will only be achieved if client communications are effective and service is impeccable. Digging deeper that means meeting targets for responding to emails and scheduling time to make pro-active phone calls.

It is important to highlight that Morton staff aren’t left alone and unguided. Navigating improvements in ability, management and performance is incredibly challenging in an environment where every day is already hugely busy and high pressure.

Our staff have mentors and diarised sessions to discuss challenges and performance. Our teams have regular meetings to identify issues and review solutions.  It is important they are held accountable for their actions to achieve their goals but at the same time supported in their endeavours.

They take it one step at a time. In doing so they’re always moving toward the ultimate goal. I think it’s a healthy approach to delivering improvements to our business, our service and our clients. And it works.

I said last week I was going to make sure that in 2018 I ‘seized the day’. I’m going to do that one step at a time.