Ewan's Blog

Is it worth it?

Wednesday 06 Dec 2017

I was asked this week if it was worth listing a property at this time of year, the assumption being that it wasn’t worth bothering to list and market a property because everyone is on holidays.  My response? Yes. Definitely.  Absolutely and here’s why.

The assumption that the property market is one of those industries that shuts down, not just over Christmas, but for the entire month of January is no longer correct. Quite simply, agents have to be active and on call throughout December and January because the calls keep coming.  And coming.

Increasingly the Christmas, New Year and early January period is busy. Very busy.  It’s like everyone has taken time off work and finally have the clear headspace and the spare time to seriously consider their residential property options. 

Potential buyers remain active and a good number of new buyers enter the market over the holiday period keen to talk, view and negotiate on residential property.  And the fact is those who remain active are usually serious. 

The property 'tyre kickers' might have gone to the beach but those with real intent will be on the beach still searching domain and realestate.com.au ready to get on the phone when the right place catches their eye.

And to be honest, the holiday period also allows the 'tyre kickers' more time to wander through the property listings and the potential is there to entice them into buying!

For that reason I’m always a strong advocate for auction campaigns and at this time of the year I think it remains the most effective option to ensure potential buyers are motivated to take action.

Do don’t be afraid to list a property now and if you are in the market to buy don’t feel like you have to shut down your search.  You would be surprised how much business is done over the new eight to ten weeks.  And our team is ready for it.

Our office closes from Saturday 23rd December over Christmas and our team back on deck Tuesday 2nd January and traditionally working flat out throughout January.