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Remember to breathe

Wednesday 15 Nov 2017

As we all know Melbourne Cup week marks the unofficial start to the Christmas silly season.  The endless parties may not have started yet but the end of year certainly does feel like it’s fast approaching and that has both good and bad consequences. 

The next couple of months are hectic and fun as everyone celebrates the end of the year looks forward to a holiday but I find this time of year also comes with some inevitable crankiness.  I’m not talking about Scrooge bah-humbug crankiness, rather I mean that tempers are more inclined to fray as deadlines for things to be done ‘before Christmas’ loom large.

But here’s the thing.

The next few weeks are going to be hectic. Everyone will be working just as hard as they have all year, often juggling twice the workload on half the sleep as they endeavour to get things done. The silly season is meant to be a fun and relaxed slowdown into Summer but it is often the exact opposite.

Our team here at Morton who are already running harder than ever conscious that our vendors and buyers will all be eager to close a deal before Christmas.  Our team recognise those buyers and vendors are probably also juggling work and family pressures in the lead up to Christmas.

It can all get a bit fraught.

So I’ve reminded our team to breathe, and stay focussed on calmly getting the job done but make sure it is done right.  And to be honest I think it’s good advice for everyone.  Remember to breathe.

Remember these days the holiday shutdown really is only for a couple of days. Sure a large number of businesses operate on skeleton staff over the new year holidays but certainly we will still have a team of agents and property managers working and ready to respond to client demands. And while those workdays will hopefully have a relaxed holiday vibe we do anticipate it will be busy.

Not everything can be done before Christmas but it doesn’t have to matter because we will still be there working into the new year.