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Top Five Tips

Wednesday 18 Oct 2017

Okay, so there is no doubt the market is easing and I understand it can make buyers and vendors a little nervous to read that. So here are my Top Five tips to help buyers and vendors understand the current market and ease those nerves:

  1. Keep asking.  If you are nervous then talk to your agent. The best agents will always be honest about prospects and pricing. The best agents will have the experience and understanding and be able to outline a clear strategy to support your property goals
  2. Keep listening.  Take notice of facts but don’t overreact to speculation. Be prepared to take onboard advice from experts but be careful making decisions based on media headlines.
  3. Stay active. The residential property market is still moving and great opportunities exist to secure great results. Don’t be frightened off.
  4. Be open. The market is moving so buyers and vendors need to be flexible to ensure there is space to find the new normal that can meet the expectations of both parties.
  5. Be ready. In the current market buyers and vendors are eager to do a deal.  The auction clearance rate sitting below 70% is a powerful motivation for vendors and buyers to meet at the negotiating table in a serious bid to make a deal prior to auction.

In reality this should be your Top Five regardless of the state of the market.  Because the reality is buying and selling out there today is the same as it was yesterday and the day before.  There may be an easing in the pace but there is no doubt buyers are keen to find a property and vendors what to find a buyer for their property.  The job of our team of agents is to match the two and keep everyone happy. 

And that is what they continue to do.