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Auction Facts

Wednesday 13 Sep 2017

Now is the perfect time to revisit a topic I have covered many times before but I think it is important to put it out there now.  There is no doubt the market is steadying. Buyers are still active but they are a little more cautious and that means the best option to secure the best price for a property is auction. Here’s why.

The facts.  Auction sets a deadline for decisions. It brings all interested parties to the table and asks them to show their cards on the day. It gives a clear indication of demand and it is a platform that allows the price of a property to move directly in line with demand.  An auction will always deliver the best possible property result.

Now there is an unfounded belief that auction works only when the market is raging hot. Of course it’s true that when buyers are clamouring for property the auction process sets a clear timeline and allows price to be driven up to meet that demand.

But equally auction works when the market is calmer, for the very same reasons, not least because it is a transparent platform to bring all interested parties to the table.

And with all interested parties present that’s when the work of our agents comes to the fore because an auction campaign is not a ‘set and forget’ strategy. 

In a hot market the auction may well take on a life of its own. In more standard market conditions an auction is a platform designed to intensify the opportunities for savvy agents to work fast and hard on the floor to negotiate an outcome for their vendor.

Our team have the confidence, experience and skills to make that happen.

It doesn’t always result in a deal on the day, but by bringing people together on the day the momentum is set for a result to be achieved. And that is a fact.