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Dealing with people

Wednesday 26 Jul 2017

It’s easy to assume residential real estate is all about property.  Or you may think it’s just about the numbers: value, growth, clearance rates and interest rates. To be honest I would dispute both those assumptions. The deals and the dollars might be important but the most powerful influencer in residential real estate is actually the people.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not understating the importance of the numbers. There is no doubt the financial fine points of a deal are fundamentally important.  Buying and selling property in Sydney these days certainly involves more than just your pocket money!

But behind every transaction there are the people who make it happen.  Every deal is done because the people involved are motivated, educated and trust the integrity of the process and the outcome.

Strangely customer service isn’t a term often referenced in our profession and yet I think it underpins everything we do and it is definitely the key focus of the Morton team. 

Our people believe the art of service is crucial to supporting our client’s success in what is the high stress, high finances, high pressure environment of residential real estate.  A positive client experience will go a very long way to delivering a positive client outcome.

Our team recognise that while we deal in the deal every day, negotiating to buy or sell a property is not an everyday occurrence for the majority of people who are our clients.  It’s a big deal.

Communication and education are key. Explaining what is going on and why.  Staying in touch as the process of listing, selling, negotiating and settlement unfolds.  Every point in that process represents a potential moment of anxiety as it approaches and a milestone when completed.

The role of a real estate agent is to support the buyer and the vendor as they maneuver through those processes.  To answer the questions, ease the angst, advise on strategy and ensure every single opportunity is seized to deliver the right result for our clients.

First and foremost the job of listing and selling real estate is actually all about dealing with people.  At Morton we never forget that.