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Get serious in Winter!

Tuesday 20 Jun 2017

The thing about the weather cooling is that it changes the way we work. I don’t just mean our team, I mean everyone. When it’s cold you don’t want to go out unless you really have to, and in terms of residential real estate that has an impact. It influences attendance at both inspections and auctions, but it can be a good thing.

The fact is in Winter the people who brave the elements to inspect a property are the people who are serious.  They want to buy.  Therefore while numbers at inspections and even auctions might be down there is no need for vendors to be worried because we know those who do turn up are truly motivated to find and purchase their perfect property.

Don’t get me wrong. Every person who attends an open for inspection is important.  At Morton open for inspections we will have a team on hand to ensure everyone who views the property will have the benefit of chatting to our experts.  Our aim is to get an idea of exactly what the person is looking for in a residential property so if we can’t help them today, we might be able to help them tomorrow, next week or next year. 

There will always be a proportion who attend an open for inspection simply to have a sticky beak. Nothing wrong with that. I don’t know the percentage of people who view a property simply to ‘check it out’ only to end up purchasing, but I would suggest it’s higher than you might expect. However not so much in Winter.

So vendors listing over the cooler months should not be distressed if numbers of attendees at their open for inspections are not as high as you would ideally like. Remember those who are out are the ones who are serious.

And remember, you only need one.