Ewan's Blog

The Honour of Service

Tuesday 13 Jun 2017

I think few would argue the value, regardless of your stance on the monarchy, of the Queen’s Birthday Honours List honouring those committed to community service. It is a wonderful quality that should be honoured and too often great service is something we take for granted.

I think ‘good service’ can be considered to be a slightly old fashioned concept.  The IT world has given us self-serve and automated systems where customers and clients can look after themselves.  The most modern customer service can involve shared platforms that allow 24 hour access to everything you might possibly need.

There are real advantages to those platforms and Morton has adopted many. Both our landlords and tenants can now log issues, review quotes, track maintenance and see property reports all online. It is efficient and convenient and we believe it represents a key element of the quality service we offer our clients.

But at Morton we don’t take customer service for granted and we certainly don’t rely only on IT to deliver it.

IT systems will never eliminate the need for personal service. Our attitude is that premium customer service will involve systems that simplify administration married with personal service that involves experienced, motivated staff members who are proactive and ready to support and find solutions to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

Because not all services and solutions can be automated. 

At Morton our people are the foundation on which we build our customer service.  Our IT systems are designed to support the personal service offered by our team and I honour the quality of service they deliver.

I hope you do too.