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It’s all the about the team

Tuesday 04 Apr 2017

Long term property watchers may have noticed the change, which I think has been accentuated over recent years as values have increased and with it competition for listings. I’m talking about the emergence of agent marketing.  The cult of personality is certainly alive and well in the residential property market.  But is it a good thing, a bad thing or merely a sign of the times? 

I know there are some who will claim that in a strong market a property ‘will sell itself’, but I beg to differ.  In a hot market when buyers are clamouring to secure a property the role of the real estate agent is as important as when buyers are thin on the ground.

The role of an agent is to find the right buyer with the funds and will to pay the best possible price for a property.  No matter the strength of the market, matching a buyer and seller always requires an element of negotiation and a successful negotiation requires a huge amount of trust. An agent’s ability to gain the trust of clients is the foundation to delivering property and professional success.

Of course at the same time a track record of success delivers confidence to potential new clients and the fact is with demand for property so strong the competition between agencies to secure new clients and new listings is extremely strong.  So I understand why individual agents are promoting their credential as a means to attract new business.

But I also know that behind every successful agent is a team of equally skilled, motivated and experienced support staff.  An individual agent really is only as good as the team they gather to help effectively roll out property sales and marketing campaigns.

At Morton we have long recognised the value of our senior agents and senior support staff which is why two years ago we created a platform to bring them into our business structure. Their motivation is to succeed as individual agents while at the same time creating an environment that encourages and acknowledges excellence across the entire team. 

We have amazing sales agents who have deservedly earnt their reputations as knowledgeable, trustworthy and successful. But even as they promote their individual success they will all acknowledge they do not work alone. For every picture of a smiling agent it is important to remember there needs to be someone equally passionate and skilled working hard behind the camera.   Morton clients get the benefit of exceptional individuals working as part of an outstanding team.