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March 2017 Director's Desk

Thursday 23 Mar 2017

They tell me….

In our profession we listen to a lot of people. We listen to market commentators, financial analysts, politicians and people on the street.  Knowledge is a foundation to success in this business so we listen to ensure we remain abreast of the facts and the opinions that have the power to influence the market.  We also listen closely to our clients, and they’re telling us some interesting things.

One of the best things our clients have been saying is that they like what we do!  In the 2017 ratemyagent awards which are based directly on client feedback, we have been rated the number one Agency with the number one agent in Woolloomoolloo, Pyrmont, Sydney and Wentworth Point.  That is a very exciting testament to the service and results achieved by our team and I am very, very proud of the Morton team.

I can also report that our discussions with clients highlights they remain confident in the quality of the Sydney property market and the value it can deliver.  I was therefore surprised to read about a latest survey which found consumer confidence in property as the wisest place to invest savings had reached a record low. 

If our clients are confident does that mean they’re going against the tide of general opinion?

I don’t think so.  I think the devil here is in the detail. Our clients tell me that they recognise the market has been incredibly strong for several years now and they are conscious of the potential reality for those incredible growth rates to ease. But they are equally aware that a slowing growth rate doesn’t mean a decline in value.  They are cautious but not remain optimistic.

 And I agree with them.  I believe in the strength of the market now and into the future.