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Looks like we're doing something right

Thursday 23 Feb 2017

I know real estate is a profession based on reputation and results so I am pretty proud to this week have been named ‘Principal of the Year’ for the second consecutive year by the RERN.  It’s a nice acknowledgement that I’m doing something right but at the same time the fact I’m a non-selling principal means this is actually recognition of the achievements of the entire Morton team. And it also means better outcomes for our clients.

Receiving peer recognition is wonderful. I am passionate about this profession and the people in it so it is humbling to be acknowledged for my contribution to the Morton business and the industry in general. 

But I think receiving an award represents the perfect moment in time to stop and reflect on what we have been doing well and what we can do better.  It’s the end of one journey and the beginning of another as we set new goals to raise the bar of service delivery and results for our clients.

Because while I love a good celebration our business focus is always on improvement. 

The focus of our team now is on delivering the very best possible client experience for all our clients.  It’s more than just achieving the right outcome.  Our team want the entire journey and experience of the real estate transaction to be rewarding, exciting and smooth. 

By providing the right communication, information and support our team of professionals can ease the stress and anxiety that can come from dealing in property whether that is as a vendor, buyer or property renter.


Of course the outcome still has to be right but if we can improve the overall experience the outstanding results achieved by our team will be even sweeter for our clients.