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We are not looking for a rose

Thursday 16 Feb 2017

I think now is as good a time as any to discuss the love hate relationship we have with real estate in this city. Love the value. Hate the cost. Love the demand. Hate the competition for properties. Like kids in the candy shop we want it all.

The thing is for a long time now it has all been achievable. And I’m pleased to say it still is. Despite predictions of a looming real estate doomsday as I have said in my earlier blogs, already this year we are experiencing extraordinarily strong demand and solid growth in value that is coming at the same time as increasing numbers of listings.

Supply is growing and prices are holding. That’s a fantastic market.

Now I don’t live in a fairytale. Unlike many I have been around long enough in this game to have experienced the tough times as well as the good times and I recognise there is always potential for the market to turn. But right now our agents are reporting that the future looks very bright.

Of course all buyers would prefer to pay less for property. Of course all vendors would like to secure more. Of course all buyers would prefer there to be less competition in the market. Of course vendors would like more.

The fact is despite those clearly conflicting approaches and demands buyers and vendors are finding a common ground and deals are being done. It’s what good real estate agents do.

The role of the real estate agent is to act as the mediator to find the best solution to match the demands of buyers and vendors. Ease concerns, address issues, highlight opportunities, present the facts and nurture a level of understanding and agreement between the parties.

Good agents are the ultimate property matchmakers.

We are not looking for a rose. Just a great result for our clients.