Ewan's Blog

Do you notice?

Thursday 20 Oct 2016

I wonder. Do you take any notice of awards? Can they influence your decisions? Perhaps you might buy a wine because you see it’s won an award or chosen a new book for the same reason? I’m interested to know because we’ve just won a couple of big ones. To be honest I consider our Awards as a win for our clients. Given the nervous undercurrent that continues to persist across the Sydney property market our clients can have the confidence they’re working with the best team in the business.

I am incredibly proud that Morton has been recognised the 2016 Award for Excellence Winner for a Large Residential Agency by our industry body the Real Estate Institute of NSW for the seventh year.

The Morton Property Management team were also recognised with a 2016 Award for Excellence.

They are two significant professional accolades and I want to congratulate our team for their hard work and dedication. It is wonderful to secure peer recognition and it’s a great motivator to continue striving to be the best.

And while motivating and incentivising our team is very important the end goal is always to deliver the best service and property outcomes for our clients, whether they are home buyers, vendors, investors with properties to manage or tenants.

These awards should reassure our clients there is no need to be nervous because they are working with the best who will deliver the best results. And we continue to do so with our auction clearance rate continuing to sit above 95% for 2016.

We work to provide our clients with all the information they need. Our team are efficient and proficient in all our dealings with clients. They provide personal service and professional advice based on long term experience and expertise with our senior Agents each specialising in their chosen Sydney locations for over a decade.

At the same time Morton has the courage and energy to adapt to changing market and client expectations. We embrace new technologies that can streamline our processes and save our clients valuable time and money.

And just as important as our client facing agents and property managers Morton has a team of professional support staff who ensure nothing is left to chance in terms of administration, marketing, media and management.

So don’t be nervous.