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Motivated by the numbers.

Wednesday 12 Oct 2016

Here are some numbers for you. The auction clearance rate sat above 80% throughout September. Sydney property values grew 3.5% over the September quarter and are up 10.2% year-on-year. Listings are down 35% on this time last year. And it’s just 10 weeks until Christmas. How is that for some healthy motivation to get cracking?

Every year I try not to talk about Christmas until at least after the Melbourne Cup. I see that as the unofficial start of the Summer festive season but every year the Christmas decorations seem to hit the shelves a little earlier which is always a little scary.

The fact is Christmas is only ten weeks away and it’s only twelve weeks until the end of the year! Yes, twelve weeks until 2017. But there is still time.

It means you need to start thinking about tackling the Christmas card list, starting some shopping and planning where you’re going to be celebrating the big day. And I don’t just mean whether or not you invite the in-laws to your place for Christmas lunch.

With the property market as strong as it currently is you can list your property now and still secure a great sale before Santa arrives. Buyers are very active and they’re not just looking for presents to go under the tree. The continuing strong auction clearance rate is testament to the depth of buyers out there keen to finish the year with a successful property purchase.

And remember, as I have said in earlier blogs, the auction clearance rate has been extraordinary but it doesn’t actually tell the full story of significant numbers of off-market purchases also taking place at the moment.

I strongly recommend buyers and potential vendors set aside the time to talk to an agent about their immediate and longer term property goals. You have three weeks until the Melbourne Cup. Book a meeting or phone call before then to discuss how you can capitalise on the strength of the current market.

Now wouldn’t that be a great Christmas present!