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Lessons from the Olympics.

Wednesday 17 Aug 2016

If we can learn one life lesson from listening to the stories behind many of the Olympic athletes it is the value of being brave, getting in and having a go because you might be surprised at the outcome. It is certainly a lesson property owners should consider.

Of course not every athlete in Rio can win a medal but that doesn't mean they are not all achieving an extraordinary outcome. And so it is for those property owners who have taken the plunge and listed over the last couple of months. Some were nervous about the state of the market but like the athletes in the Olympics they prepared well, and were prepared to get involved.

And the results have been outstanding.

It is important to remember as you read the stories of above reserve prices and solid auction clearance rates that you have to be in it to win it.

In my view, those watching the market with a view to identify the perfect time to list should do it now.

I have said many times over recent weeks that buyers are out there eager to transact. I am saying it again this week, but this week I think the potential is even greater for results to be even stronger.

With Spring just around the corner our team is finding even more buyers entering the market so demand continues to increase. It means the market can absorb a significant increase in listings without diluting demand.

Believe me. Now is a great time to list in order to capitalise on the surging Spring demand.