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Does size matter

Friday 20 Feb 2015

If you’re talking diamonds, penthouse apartments, desserts and boats then I think there would be few who would argue with the idea that bigger is definitely better.  But is that always the case?

Big can certainly be better but there is a risk that big can also mean impersonal, or unfriendly, unwieldy or simply impractical.

I’ve been given reason to consider the risks and benefits of size over recent months.  In October last year Morton & Morton got bigger when we merged with fellow CBD specialists Wilson Property Agents.

It’s been exciting to welcome 4 new sales agents, 4 new leasing agents and property managers together with their dedicated support team into the Morton & Morton family.  However it does mean we are now a big agency so our challenge over the past months has been to ensure we deliver the benefits of bigger without falling victim to the dangers.

For example now we have a bigger team of agents sharing a larger database of clients which means we have a much broader scope to match the right property to the right client.  At the same time we have been working hard on the technicalities of managing that database so we treat each of our clients with respect.  Our aim has been to individually tailor communications with clients to ensure each contact is relevant to that individual.

It’s important our clients know they now have access to a deeper well of real estate wisdom and experience but can still directly contact any agent for a personal, face-to-face meeting or property evaluation.

In real estate size can deliver real advantages and I’m proud of the fact the bigger Morton & Morton team are doing just that on behalf of all our clients.