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Way to go.

Wednesday 23 Mar 2016

Malcolm Turnbull has decided this week that it is time to take a stand, thus delivering the very real prospect of a July election. It sets a strong precedent that vendors should follow. Don't wait for something to happen, instead take a stand and make it happen.

For weeks, perhaps months, I have been responding to vendor nerves with clear evidence that listing now will generate healthy interest and good prices with strong auction clearance rates.

I can understand a level of nervousness about what the year might bring. But it’s nearly April! If you now choose to wait until after the possible July election…that may not actually be held until November…the year could well be gone.

So what to do?

I think there is the very real risk that in light of the Federal election many vendors will determine it is best to hold off listing until Spring. Given the unprecedented lack of stock we are seeing right now I believe there is real potential that the traditional flood of properties coming onto the market in Spring will be much greater than usual. That will inevitably impact demand and prices.

My advice is to get on with it. Get organised and get listed as soon as possible if you are considering selling. Get out there and get looking if you are keen to buy. And let me be clear, my sense of urgency is not fuelled by a panic at the prospect of a negative turnaround but rather by the state of demand that exists right now and the opportunities it presents right now.

Like Malcolm Turnbull. In taking the stand he has this week Turnbull had decided that now is the time to act. Of course there is a risk involved but he obviously has determined that it’s time to take a leadership stance and get on with it if he wants to get things done.

It is a nice to see some leadership. So why not take the lead from Turnbull. Don’t wait to follow the masses. Get in early, be brave and bold and get on with it.