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Here’s the deal.

Wednesday 09 Mar 2016

Okay. So here’s how I see it. It is all about quantity right now. Or lack of it. Over the last two weekends the Morton team have secured a 100% clearance rate. Well to be honest we actually sold 98% even before the scheduled auction date. I see that as proof that while some vendors are waiting the market is delivering.

Buyers are buying.

And I should point out here that our successful vendors of the last two weeks aren’t compromising. They are securing very healthy prices for their property which is a great reward for being brave and listing when others aren’t.

Everywhere you look the numbers show listings are down significantly compared to the same time last year. As a result buyers are looking and keen to commit and the lack of stock is making the market very competitive.

I do understand a level of reticence. The calendar for the next few weeks looks hectic with Easter, school holidays and Anzac Day all close but falling in different weeks. It could appear simpler to leave it until May to list when the campaign can be rolled out without interruption.

But why wait. Buyers are buying. Now.

I don’t believe in motivation by fear. I do believe in the fundamental strength of the market but I also believe in seizing opportunity and that is what exists now. If anything the risk might be that to wait is to miss the opportunity that exists because supply is so low now.

We’re good to go, so I will say it again. Don’t wait.