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Does age matter?

Wednesday 04 Nov 2015

Does age matter? This month East Village in Zetland is celebrating turning one and The Wharf at Woolloomooloo is turning 100. They’re both residential real estate hot-spots so it’s fascinating to consider how much does age matter in a modern city?

Of course it does.

The appeal of ‘brand new’ is easy to understand. Fresh, flash and filled with first-class amenities and finishes, East Village continues to attract intense interest from owner-occupiers and investors alike.

Our team of on-site sales agents regularly take calls from buyers keen to secure a completed apartment in the development now rather than wait until the next phase of construction is completed.

East Village might be turning one but it is growing as fast as any young child with many exciting milestones yet to be reached.

And so it is no wonder those new apartments in East Village are in huge demand from well-resourced renters who appreciate the modern finishes and extensive facilities that have been incorporated into this Zetland community.

At the same time the sense of history embedded in a structure as unique as The Wharf at Woolloomooloo makes it a special residential option. The longest wooden structure of its kind in the world; rescued from demolition after falling into disrepair and brought back to life as a boutique five star hotel and luxury private residences.

Morton has actually been on the ground in The Wharf since it reopened in 2000. I think that makes us the longest serving tenant in the building!!

It is the history associated with the area and the structure which is impossible to value but undoubtedly adds huge value and prestige of The Wharf apartments. It is that history which has attracted celebrities and high profile long-term residents including Russel Crowe and John Laws.

So perhaps the truth about age is that to stand out in Sydney you need to be old or you need to be young! That doesn’t mean there is no hope for those of us who are middle-aged. It just means we might need to find a different way shine.

Happy birthday to East Village and The Wharf.

PS: Morton is supporting the Centenary celebrations being held at The Wharf this coming weekend so drop in and have a look around.