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Follow the leader

Tuesday 22 Sep 2015

It is a game we all played as kids. In ‘follow the leader’ there was one person in charge while everyone else happily trailed along behind. However in life, in property and certainly as we have seen again in the last week, in politics, it isn’t always that easy! And right now in real estate I think it’s crucial to follow a leader rather than automatically follow the pack.

People tell me they see real estate as being all about ‘sales’. Can’t argue with that but to be good at sales it’s equally about leadership.

With suggestions the property market is starting to ease potential vendors may be inclined to follow the pack and retreat from the market.

Leadership is about being prepared to make the tough calls with conviction and then being able to communicate and motivate others to believe, trust and follow that advice. In this profession, keeping clients is about having the courage to say and do what needs to be done, which may not be what the client wants but will be what is in their best interest.

Perhaps the best demonstration of that in Canberra over the last fortnight came when Julie Bishop stepped into the office of Tony Abbott to deliver news I’m sure he didn’t want to hear.

So even as the market is easing there are real opportunities for vendors to secure healthy results but there is no denying it can be hard for a vendor to accept ‘healthy’ if they were hoping for ‘huge’!

In real estate, the tough calls come along with surprising regularity. Valuations and negotiations are generally the most sensitive along with advising on an estimated selling price.

Crucially there can be no ‘captain’s pick’ in property. Recommendations need to be based on analysis and experience which in turn needs to be clearly communicated to clients. That’s why since Morton first began, we’ve made it our mission: “To provide our customers quality information so they can make quality decisions, which on reflection after the heat of the moment, are the right decisions.”

Right now across the market I believe that if you follow the right leader there remains great opportunity to deliver great outcomes.